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Welcome to Alimentary Pastes Company Limited.

Alimentary Pastes Company Limited originated from a family business which started in the early 1960’s to manufacture Macaroni, Vermicelli and Spaghetti. These pastas were produced by a locally made machine. There on, the company acquired semi-automated machines in order to be more efficient in production and quality.

In the turn of the 21st century, we decided to acquire new technology in order to meet the increasing demand from our consumers, locally and abroad. Thus, we imported two fully automated plants from Italy to improve our quality to an international standard. With these new technologies, we are now able to produce various pastas in terms of shapes.

Alimentary Pastes Company Limited also invested in a new drying and packaging system in order to increase and sustain the production of our pastas. The company also decided to diversify by importing Rice Stick, also known as Meefoon.

Nowadays, Alimentary Pastes Company Limited is considered to be among the leaders in producing alimentary pastas in Mauritius. Our products are known under the brand names of NATIONAL and CARNAVAL!

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